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The Social Smoothie, perfect for summer!

6 Ingredients to social success and a tasty refreshing treat!

The summer heat makes it hard on everyone to want to work extra hours just to spread buzz on their business in hopes of getting new prospects and followers, but it’s so important! Check out this Social Smoothie we made to get you inspired!

The Social Smoothie info graphic by Pineiro Marketing Group - Perfect for summertime!

#1 – 2/3 Natural Yogurt

The Foundation of your social, know your audience!

What topics and interests are they most social about? Use the networks and platforms that best speak to your audience so they are more inclined to share, like and comment!

#2 – 1 Banana

Your Fiber, identify your performance indicators (KPIs)

What do you want your social efforts to accomplish? How does your success measure? Make a cheat sheet; detail your KPIs, post theme and schedule, campaign concepts, etc. Note that each platform should have a unique strategy.

#3 – 2 Oranges

Your Content, get personal, dynamic and optimized.

If your content has a personal touch and is authentic, your readers are more likely to connect. Structure and guide your readers through, use SEO words, leave room for discussion, encouraging comments & shares.

#4 – 3 Handfuls of Strawberry

The Image, needs to fit the headline & overall content.

The image most likely will be the main hook and should obviously display what readers can expect in the topic. If you don’t have a social media management company to design your posts like PineiroMG be sure to research the platform’s post specs for maximum size.

#5 – 2 Fresh Mint Leaves

The Garnish, your branding! -Make it attractive.

Be sure to incorporate your logo, website and/or contact info.

#6 – 1 Lemon Slice and a Fun Straw

The Delivery, your tags!

Once you release your post, your audience needs to find you, by adding key tag words and #hashtags your post will reach more potential clients and followers.

Be sure to post a picture of your smoothie with ‪#‎pineiromg‬ we’d love to see your finished product and we’re always here to help with any ‪#‎socialmedia‬ questions!‪


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