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PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Wordfence Security update for all computers.

PMG Take Note Security Warning

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Wordfence Security update for all computers.

Good Evening,

This is an important message for any of you who work with a computer.

Today, Wordfence, one of the most important security service providers on the internet, issued an alert about a massive attack for Windows users.

Windows had warned about this vulnerability, in its system last month in March 2017 and later realized updates of its operating system.

The means by which the attack arrives is a Ransomewhere named WannaCryp or WannaCry, a powerful and malicious code that executes itself infecting the computer.

Once infected, it spreads to other computers within the same network. This happened today in hospitals in England and other major companies in 74 countries reporting 57,000 infections.

It is manifested when you turn on the computer by displaying a Pop-Up or separate window other than the usual one requesting an action (verification of passwords, accounts, email, etc. or even a payment). That being said, if it does not manifest it’s not an indicator that one’s computer is not infected and we encourage everyone to secure their devices and be conscious of not clicking on unidentified links, pop-ups or emails that may be considered questionable.

If you have activated the automatic Windows update your computer will not be exposed to the attack. Otherwise, it is advisable not to connect in public places or open networks, such as schools, cafes or networks of companies where you are exposed to infection or propagation.

The way Windows informs to combat this attack is keeping the operating system updated in its latest version and makes it clear that previous versions like Windows XP do not have updates that prevent an attack.

Please see the link for more information: Wordfence

These kind of malicious attacks that are now reaching individual users, unfortunately, are happening more and more frequently. Although we are more prepared for these attacks we see them happening more often, even on the sites we manage, for which we have been implementing barriers and activating specific certificates and protocols to prevent attacks, as required. At the moment we would like to inform our Clients that, knock on wood, our systems are safe and in place, however, we encourage all of the Windows users to please take a moment to ensure your computers are updated and secured.

As always, we wish everyone success, may none of you or your businesses have to go through this situation, thank you for your business, loyalty, and support.

The PMG Team!

Ximena Alfaro

The founder of Pineiro Marketing Group and Creative Director who focuses on strategic design to make sure that it's not only beautiful but user-friendly and functional.

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