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Social Networks: How Many Is Too Many?

Social Networks: How Many Is Too Many?

reposted from heidinazarudin

Blogging takes a lot – creating awesome content, designing, moderating comments, commenting on other blogs, guest posting, … And social media is just a part of it. There are over 200 social sites (at least according to Wikipedia), but does this mean we should join them all? Of course not!


Social Media Comparison (credit: leveragenewagemedia.com)

Even though they all differ in the type of audience and the possibilities for promotion that they offer, still you must not spread yourself too thin by getting your blog on too many social networks.

The solution –

Focus Your Efforts on Two or Three Social Sites

Yes, that would be enough for starters, – as you simply cannot physically manage to maintain more with quality. You can use social media productivity tools and update several social accounts at once, but do you think people would want to follow you everywhere if all they can see is the exact same content? Probably not, right?

So if your goals are quality, authenticity and true engagement (and they should be), pick just two or three social sites that best fit you as a blogger, and focus on achieving those goals there. Here’s what to think about when doing the picking:

  • Where do your readers hang out?

Which Demographics Use Social Media? Find out what social networks your blog readers use the most, where do they tend to engage. You want to be there too, sharing your content and inviting them to come visit for more. If you want to attract 18 – 29 year old urban residents, get your blog on Twitter and Instagram. If you are blogging for women, particularly of the youngest adult age group, Facebook or Pinterest might be better bets. Check the Pew research-based infographic that shows which demographics use what social media.

  • What social sites best suit you and your message?

Different people (read bloggers) enjoy different things (read social sites). And not every message suits every media also. Not all of us can express best through Twitter’s 140-character messages, or Vine’s and Instagram’s short form videos. Some bloggers love to pin beautiful photos and connect with friends and family on Facebook. Consider your personality and preferences, and go with what networks best suit your blog’s message and niche too.

If you want loyal blog readership you must offer quality in your social presence too. But to provide quality you should only concentrate your efforts on few social networks. This will save you time that you can use to create really great social posts, build a following, and truly engage with your audience. Every update counts, so make sure that what you are about to share will get you the desired attention.

Still, just in case.

Secure Your Blog/Brand Name on Other Social Media

It is very important to have consistent identity across all social media. And you never know how soon your blog will grow, so you can afford (time- and effort-wise) to expand your presence on other social networks too. Instead of worrying whether they will be free when you’ll need them, it is better idea to secure the name of your blog or brand on other social sites that you now don’t plan to use regularly.

For instance, you can register on Pinterest and post a single pin with an attractive image that lets people know you will be there too, hopefully soon. Make sure the link leads to your blog, and add the URL in the description as well. This way you’ve got an account that you can use in the future if you want to, and if someone searches you on Pinterest, they’ll know where to find you. This doesn’t just apply to Pinterest, of course; you can do the same with any other social site.

Google+ and YouTube are different, as you need to have a Gmail address. When you create an account, activate Google Authorship to add your name and photo alongside your blog results on Google. It will boost your visibility and increase your authority in front of searchers.

So what do you think? Can we successfully manage more than two or three social accounts? How many do you have for your blog(s)? Let us know in the comments…

Ximena Alfaro

The founder of Pineiro Marketing Group and Creative Director who focuses on strategic design to make sure that it's not only beautiful but user-friendly and functional.

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