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A brand goes beyond your logo, it’s everything you stand for and the entire experience your clients have with your company, product or service. This is YOUR core. You have a dream, we understand trends and market interaction. We’ll build your name and help you achieve and communicate your vision with a strong and relevant brand strategy that shows your credibility.

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Marketing Strategy

In order to be successful, your marketing plan needs to be one with your business goals. From the strategy to the campaigns and public relations…welcome to the red carpet! We roll it out for you, engaging your target audience!

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PMG - Digital and interactive Design

Digital Design/Interactive Engagement

What you say and offer is crucial. Today how and where you say it, is vital because it’s your face to the online world. Piñeiro Marketing Group combines the strategy and technology to creatively engage, and convert followers, from their platform of choice into leads. From web design to social media, blogs, digital marketing or email campaigns, we bring them, we hook them, you keep them!

#webdesign #socialmediamanagement #onlineadvertising #emailcampaigns

We specialize in Wix, Shopify and WordPress platforms.

We are Wix Partners. 


Print Design/Publications

Keeping it all consistent, in one place. Business cards, press kits, sale sheets, brochures, postcards, packaging, car magnets, banners, promotional products…the list is endless. It’s about making you more attractive than ever before and streamlining your experience. We have the ability not only to design an alluring and engaging representation of your product or service but we’re also able to get the physical piece printed and shipped to your hands.

#promotionalproducts #catalogs #magazines #packaging #flyers #postcards #books

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Editorial & Communication Management

You may not always have the time to create all the content needed to maintain or manage your reputation throughout social media, a blog, and e-blast or even your own website. We are here to elaborate and enhance your specialties to all your following. We can help proof or write or we can manage the account for you from start to finish, allowing you more time to focus on what you do best!

#contentwriting #blogs #newsletters #eblasts #influencers

Makeup Photoshoot

Video & Photography

Whether you need to film an event, a client testimonial, capture drone footage, or simply get high-quality images of your team or location and products we have the equipment, studio, and software to produce quality content for your company. Online digital productions in all platforms and formats available.

#teaservideos #footage #drone #actionfilming #postproduction #vlogs

Advertising Language
& Culture

Hablamos advertising. We put you on the map and drop you smack in the middle of your ideal clients, driving targeted traffic your way. We are equally comfortable in both the General and Hispanic demographics because we are part of it. Let's have a cafecito and talk crossover.

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