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How to Promote your Business during Uncertain times?

How to Promote your Business during Uncertain times with Pineiro Marekting Group

How to Promote your Business during Uncertain times?

The coronavirus has already impacted many businesses due to quarantine, regulations, restrictions, lack of staff or just fear. Building relationships through better communication will become more valuable because of the self-isolation people are placing themselves in, to take precautions during the current COVID-19 situation. The following tips on How to Promote your Business Digitally will help improve the overall communication of your business in general, as a Marketing agency, we recommend all businesses double check if they’re implementing these fundamental tips as these resources and steps will better optimize the business content regardless of the size, industry or stage one’s in.


Digital Tips for going above and beyond that don’t have to break the bank


Set up your business on Google My Business with Pineiro Marketing Group, Inc.


Be sure to set up your business on Google My Business

This is absolutely free and it’s basically like putting your business on the map but in the online world. If you don’t have a website this is especially important. Having a Google My Business account helps make your business more search-friendly and there are a lot of features that allow you to customize not only how your business is found but what your business has to offer and what it looks like. Another perk as a business owner is that Google will provide you with more insights on the activity your visitors and potential leads are taking when they see your content or try to find your content.


Social Media

This is an obvious one, but believe it or not, there are many businesses out there that still haven’t set-up their social media accounts, don’t really use them or keep them updated. Now is the time to make sure your social account is active, consistent with your branding and updated with relevant information about your business.

  • Do update your cover and avatar (profile image) to match your current branding.
  • Do update all your contact info, work hours and enable messaging and communication features. Make sure your followers and customers have accurate and easy access to reach you.
  • Don’t open a gazillion social accounts, only maintain what you’re willing or able to manage consistently. Quality is more important than quantity, it’s better to have fewer accounts if that means your actively updating information. Check out Social Networks: How Many Is Too Many? for more information


Mobile Friendly Site with Pineiro Marketing Group


Is your website Mobile-Friendly?

Even though it’s common today for each household to have a computer, most visitors are using their phone to view your content. Your website should be “responsive” and that means whatever the web platform all the content should be readable and fully functioning on your mobile device. If you find yourself having to scroll all over past the main screen or find yourself zooming-in many times because the content is too small to read, that’s NOT mobile-friendly. Most themes and templates already provide a “Responsive” feature but it’s important to check how your website looks and works on your phone and make sure the information is “User-Friendly.” Keep in mind the “human” factor, if it’s not simple and the user gets frustrated they’re going to leave and go elsewhere. Be sure to have all information updated and consistent with your current branding.


Make-Up Artist Recording Vlog Video Blog Remotely With Digital Camera


Provide a virtual or deliverable option

At this time customers may not be able to go to you so can you go to them? Think about how you could apply your talent or knowledge in a virtual way so your customer can still be enriched but remotely from the comfort of their own home. -This may turn into a new revenue stream too!

  • Restaurants or Food Industry: Are you able to deliver? Can you offer a virtual invite to a cooking class? Provide a recipe or food blog to Promote your Business.
  • Educational Industry: If you provide a class or lesson that requires your customer to go to your establishment (dance, yoga, workout, teaching, nutrition, etc), can you offer a video or tutorial to send out to students for them to do on their own? Consider offering a webinar or a virtual class for your students to engage and follow along with you.
  • Realtors: Offer a virtual tour of the home or property your showing so your client can view remotely.
  • Health Industries: Educate awareness via diagrams in a newsletter. Or provide a phone service or create video tutorials for your clients.
  • Beauty Industry Professionals: Can you start a Blog and provide advice, tips or How-to’s for your customers to follow along? Consider starting a YouTube Channel to grow your following and expose your talent.
  • Home Industry Professionals: Lawn and Gardening, Roofing, Pest Solutions, Cleaning & Maintenance, Interior Designers you too can start a blog offering advice and content for your customers and followers to learn and grow. This will maintain your communication and connection with your clients. Another option is with newsletters (via Constant Contact or Mailchimp). Remind clients of easy tips they can do from home until you’re able to service them again.


We don’t want any business to suffer from an uncontrollable situation. Keep in mind there are always digital and remote options that can continue to Promote your Business or Service. Consider how you can maintain your communication with your customer and create a connection with your client. If you feel we haven’t targeted your industry or you’d like a better-suited idea or would like assistance in creating/updating any of the above tips, email us at [email protected] -Let us know what you’d like to achieve and know we’d love to connect. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Thank you for your time and interest in our blog!

Ximena Alfaro

The founder of Pineiro Marketing Group and Creative Director who focuses on strategic design to make sure that it's not only beautiful but user-friendly and functional.

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