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Facebook for Business – Do you have it all wrong?

Don't miss the mark with Facebook, get it right with Pineiro Marketing Group

Facebook for Business – Do you have it all wrong?


Would you ever walk into a business networking event and throw your business cards or your discounted sale flyers at people in the room without saying a word? If you did, do you expect a great return? Not really… Think of Facebook the same way. Every time you post a sale or a self-promoting post, it’s not what people want to see. I know, the truth hurts but keep in mind Facebook also knows that nobody likes those posts, so they don’t make an effort to show your post in many news feeds. They will, however, encourage you to “promote” those posts and pay to show them because they recognize that those posts sound/look like “advertisements” but again if you weren’t going to get much engagement on a post for free what makes you think you will when you pay for it?

If, you think you’re using Facebook to it’s fullest potential you might want to consider taking a more in-depth look. When it comes to using Social Media to promote your business, there are definitely major rules for success that not many small businesses are following. One of the top ten rulesFacebook Engaging Content with Pineiro Marketing Group: People do business with other people. For example, if the last thing you posted was self-promoting (like a sale) you’re totally missing the mark. Whether you’re using Facebook (or any other social media for that matter) as a billboard to talk about yourself only, you’re missing out on a whole world of possibilities for business growth.


Social Content

You really have to think more “human” when it comes to Social Media Content and less “commercial.” We know that a lot of business owners pay for followers, or pay lots of money to promote sales posts, but we truly believe that it ends up being a huge waste of marketing dollars. You need to use your social media channels wisely, so your followers share your business with their followers, and promote your posts for you. Think of your Facebook page as a relationship building tool, it should be used for engagement, nurturing relationships, sharing ideas and opinions. When your followers (current and potential leads) see that you are a real person with interesting things to say, they will engage with you and your content. Seriously, it’s just like being “friends”  and “social” with someone. Do you want to hang out with a person that only talks about themselves and tells you constantly how much money you can save or how you should do something now because it costs less? -Do you follow those people? Take a look at your account, would you follow it if you didn’t work there? Why do you expect others to follow you? Be more of a friend and your posts will get more likes and more shares.

If you have any questions or comments, email us at [email protected]!

Ximena Alfaro

The founder of Pineiro Marketing Group and Creative Director who focuses on strategic design to make sure that it's not only beautiful but user-friendly and functional.

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